Wednesday, 17 June 2009

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while you may keep talking amongst yourself, here's Carol Ann Duffy's first gem while at Her Majesty's Service:

How it makes of your face a stone
that aches to weep, of your heart a fist,
clenched or thumping, sweating blood,
of your tongue
an iron latch with no door. How it makes
of your right hand
a gauntlet, a glove-puppet of the left, of
your laugh
a dry leaf blowing in the wind, of your
desert island discs
hiss, hiss, hiss, makes of the words on
your lips dice
that can throw no six. How it takes
the breath
away, the piss, makes of your kiss a
dropped pound coin,
makes of your promises latin, gibberish,
feedback static,
of your hair a wig, of your gait a plank-
walk. How it says this-
politics-to your education education
education; shouts this-
Politics!-to your health and wealth; how
it roars, to your
conscience moral compass truth,

Carol Ann Duffy, Politics

More to read? Try this Guardian article.


Lindsay said...

The first woman Laurete and she tells the truth!! Good for her and beautiful poem.

Gesa said...

What a cool poem isn't it? It's so visceral. I haven't read much of hers before. But when I stumbled over it it resonated on many levels. Politics isn't the only thing that does stuff like that. I really like how she evocates so much bodily experience over the matter.
Very impressive!