Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Here is the summer

... yes... it's over a week old now but nonetheless. Here's my summer kit:

A tube for my art work to go hustling with in Berlin.
A phone that is so much more than a phone.
A dress for the summer in Berlin. - Along with a mutual promise that M and I will indeed wear the dresses we keep buying for ourselves.
And my first birthday present. A heart of glass in lime and turquoise. It's for wearing round my neck. It's VERY obvious. I like it - a sweet response to Pandora's Box. Thank you!

... This is short and sweet. In the excitement that was the last weekend I left my adapter in Bath and it's currently only 1:45 hrs until my laptop will temporarily die... until the adapter arrives hopefully soon.

So: anything more verbose is postponed. Just as well... seeing that the next three days will be packing up and preparing for the summer. My two months in the sun... in Berlin... Did I mention this?

But first: birthday celebrations, round 1, today.


1 comment:

vivien said...

how glamorous! and then an art tube .... :>)