Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Saturday's Seashores

... in a shy June sun. Things to find, things to see, things to pick up.

I'm intrigued by detail. Small forms and patterns on the shoreline, in the sand or on stones. And now with my computer increasingly doing what I'd like it to, I can easily tag and organise my many beachfinds from years past. Or indeed from Saturday.

Like this,


or this,


or indeed this.

Glass and others

It doesn't mean I stopped looking for landscapey, or waterscapey vistas. Well... any excuse for a bit of colour really:

Seashore Whiting Bay_1
Seashore Whiting Bay 1
neo ii in A4 Moleskine


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
i am becoming interested in close ups and patterns though mainly to do with photos.
The shoreline down here is mainly shingle and there is plenty of orangy brown with quite a bit of green you have given me ideas.....

Gesa said...

chris... you're very welcome... will look out what your ideas may turn into...

Jala Pfaff said...

What marvelous beach finds!!! The top one looks like an incredibly beautiful collage.