Monday, 9 July 2007

All my underpaintings

I made up another batch of pastel supports over the weekend. I experimented a few different ways of making my own boards after I found that ready-made boards where both rather expensive but also too even in surface for the kind of texturing I was looking for.
For the past few paintings I've been using large sheets of simple grey boards cut in half, so that I end with a good sized 50x70 cm boards. I gesso these with simple white emulsion twice, then add a layer of equal parts emulsion, pumice powder for texture and water with a broad brush, sand this down if I want a smooth board or leave it with broad brushstrokes if I want a stronger texture, and finally paint a top layer of acrylic paint, pumice powder and water (again equal parts).
The colours I've mostly used are lemon yellow, raw siena or raw umber, but my last batch also included some muted green (still trying to find something for Scottish summer landscapes) and warm yellow ochre.

Detail of surface texture on board

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