Friday, 13 July 2007

Drawing lessons

With my sketchbooks ready prepared I've made a start with more frequent drawing here and there. One of the books is in my bag now, but taking it out and drawing is a different matter still. Partly, because drawing people is something I'm not really good at - even if they are sitting still, let alone when moving.
Nonetheless, I've been doing sketches on lemons and stones at home.
For the latter I've been looking for advice on simplifying form, identifying planes and establishing light and shade.
I've done some searching on the web for drawing lessons and came across quite a few:
  • Diane Wright has a series of landscape drawing tutorials on her website
    Well organised in a series of exercises she develops highly detailed and realist drawings of skies, trees, rocks and water.
    I discovered her website through the
  • Drawing and Sketching forum on Wetcanvas - a large and very active online Artforum. In their classroom section, there are numerous exercises on improving one's drawing and observational skills.
    The introduction, Basic 101 Class 1 offers the starting point for a whole series of different tutors presenting a series of exercises around one drawing challenge.
  • Another artist who has a great range of drawing (and painting) lessons on his extensive website is the late Charles Sovek. His Lessons from the Easel are an excellent resource in which he passes on his extensive experience on the basics of drawing line, tone and contour and more advanced questions of composition.
Just for good measure, here is a drawing I did quite some time ago... with more recent ones to follow soon, now that my holidays are finally here.

Cheeseplant, Pencil on paper, 30x40cm

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