Monday, 2 July 2007


One of the things I'm trying to get organised over the next couple of weeks is to get more into a habit of sketching and keeping sketchbooks. Reading quite a few different blogs, I've come across some intriguing ideas for organising the sketchbook:

- studying a colour for some time before moving on to the next one, as mentioned in the Laurelines blog or
- a sketchbook on a subject (e.g. trees, such as in Vivien Blackburn's one)

I've been using a Moleskine sketchbook for travelling - while the sizing of the paper took some getting used with watercolour washes - which I use mainly just for colour reference, I now started to quite like the effects of it, and went and bought a couple more to organise thematically.

Coloured Sands at Maktesh HaGadol, Negev desert, Israel, Spring 2007

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Anonymous said...

Super - das ging ja schnell!!
Wie war Dein Geburtstag? Ich war so im Streß am WoE, dass ich nicht geschaftt habe anzurufen. Kam mein Päckchen rechtzeitig an?
Bis bal per fon...
Grüße, kätta