Sunday, 5 August 2007

'All good things...

... come in threes' sounds a bit too much like a literal translation from German into English. But never mind that, here's the third post while in Germany.

Am Abend (Windows to the Sky #22)
Pastel on Colorfix board, 35x25 cm

This is
the view from my parents' backyard. And it is also the reason why we ended up in this remote village at all. My dad was based at this telecommunication transmitter from the early 1980s onwards and would drive past the derelict farmhouse to and from work everyday. During those years, my brother and I would listen to a lot of stories on how great life on a farm with a large garden, animals etc would be like.
A few years later, the move was announced, and without knowing where we'd go, I exclaimed: 'Moving's fine with me as long as it's anywhere but Bokel' - the remote village, surrounded by heathland, dark pinewoods and the subject of a couple of scary stories was a place that I didn't fancy at all.
It didn't help: our house in the outskirts of a small town was sold and the farmhouse bought, my brother and I changed schools and left friends, and it took a good wee while to settle. Eventually, imaginary scary stories were replaced with the day-to-day scarieness that is rural
teenage life.

Here are a few prep sketches:

Neopastel II, marker pen on paper, 21x14cm

Neopastel II, marker pen on paper, 21x14cm

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