Sunday, 12 August 2007

Website blurb... help needed

... not often that I post twice a day, but tonight I finally made myself write through the two missing pages for the website: the intro page and the about me - can't imagine why I was procrastinating over these two ;).
In any case... I thought I may get some comments from you if I post them here. Please have a read and I'd gladly receive any comments... in particular if it sound too weird and laboured!
These will be really the only two pages with much text on them, the rest will be rather plain pages with picture with a bit of info each.

Many thanks!


About me blurb - this is anything like a resume/cv/artist statement, but I felt I need to have something to put in there first :)

Thanks again!

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Gesa said...

Hey Torben.... guck mal, hier ist jetzt ja was passiert ;)