Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Museum visit - V&A Museum, London

John Constable (RA), 'Study of Clouds', 1822. Museum no. 590-1888, V&A Museum, London

I'm currently in London and have a couple of hours free this afternoon. In the West End, I'm planning on going to the Victoria & Albert Museum to have a closer look at some of the English Romantic landscape painters - notably Constable and Turner and their ways of representing skies and clouds.

I've come across them for my cloud studies, but also in Christopher Bellinger's new blog where he has been writing about Constable himself called 'skying' - the study of skies and clouds. I do like the term a lot - so much in fact that I will need to have a closer look at his studies myself. I've come across some of the online resources and images by him - notably one painting available at the V&A. It is this one at the start of the post.

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Chris Bellinger said...

just caught up with your blog and thanks for the link!!
have you tried the new video thingy, this is my latest toy.....seems to work quite..whar do you think. will post another one later today.
Once again thanks for the link