Wednesday, 1 August 2007

School days

I'm at my parents for my Mum's birthday. My Mum was telling stories of how apparently I've always enjoyed painting... according to her (and of course completely different to my memories) in kindergarten papers and pens were rationed when I was around as I would go through three paintings where others did one - 'easily bored' I think is what my Mum would call it.

Anyways, my memories of painting in school were rather uneventful... don't think that much of it seemed important and I was indeed easily bored. I discovered the folder of some of that school art, and with it probably one of the reasons for that lack of inspiration:
Sheet upon sheet filled with perspective drawings; two vanishing points, one vanishing point, interiors, exteriors, houses in suburban settings, in woodlands etc... all seemingly preparing one for a career in technical drawing.

Have a look for yourself:

Pencil on paper, 40x30 cm

More pencil on paper, 40x30cm

And hey ho, here's some cubist colour theory:

Poster paint on paper, 40x30cm

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