Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Favourite buildings

It's photographs not pastel sketches today. Back since yesterday, I've just downloaded my photos onto the computer. Besides the sketches and relevant reference photos, there are a many of one of my favorite buildings. It's the St Marien Kirche, a church right in the centre of the small town of Uelzen. Built in the c13th in a style known as northern German brickstone gothic (beware of literal translations again!), it's proportions - plump and wide with a tall solid bell tower - always made me stop, wander around, look up and all around, just to start all over again.

There is something with its proportions that give it solidity and elegance at the same time. I was looking for some good websites, but all I could find were about church services and Christmas carols... which I will just give a miss I think.

With plenty of visits to the town, I took my camera with me on the last day - but really, a sketchbook would have been much better, and I need to remember that for the next time I'll be going. Have a look for yourself:

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