Monday, 17 March 2008

Alternative supports

I've been receiving a few more envelopes stuffed with found papers - more on the content of these in one of the next posts, and a big thank you to those who have been sending material along!

Since my little lunchtime conversation on 'what's to do', I've been thinking around these collages from allover. And... kind of got stuck with content. Shifted sideways (mentally at least), and started thinking about form - one of my stumbling blocks had been the two dimensional support: canvas, paper. It seemed far too unified, homogenous and definite for the idea of getting incidentals from different people in different locations.

One of the recent posts I really enjoyed was Lindsay's report from her bookmaking course, and the concertina artist book she made around the word 'reiteration'. I had been collecting ideas on customising and making sketchbooks for some time (thought they haven't progressed further than a draft state so far).

So, some concerted googling and asking around - thank you Lindsay! - unearthed a couple of simple bookmaking ideas. Unsurprisingly, many on crafty sites for projects with kids.

I had a go at some simple designs from Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord's site

And ended up with these three ones here: A palm leaf book in the front, the hotdog booklet back right, and an accordion book back left.

This is them unfolded:

And, I must admit that my favourite is the palm leaf: as with the accordion design, it can be folded flat, but in addition, the order of leaves can be swapped around (provided the cord is long enough), and it can easily be taken apart and reassembled.

So: next step: size, actual support material and so on and so on...


Lindsay said...

This last form is very interesting. I like the fluid natuare of its page design! Good luck

Yellow said...

I fancy making a sketch book which is hinged in the top left corner, so that the pages fan out. I have a bag of empty cereal boxes to use as covers. I also want to save the foil off the kid's easter eggs to decorate the covers with too.