Thursday, 25 December 2008

Heh?! That wasn't me!

Sun rise as clichee 2
Sun rise as clichee 2
Pastel in Moleskine, 24x21cm

Sun rise as clichee 1
Sun rise as clichee 1
Pastel in Moleskine, 12x21cm

No... I'm sure it wasn't....

Dunno what happened here... Tried a bit of sunrise and some trees. Ended up with this. In my Moley. Am sure it wasn't me.

I knew... there was a problem with symbolism. It is just not for me. Will keep trying the sunrises, the trees, but not like this.

Trees? I think
Trees? I think
Soft pastel and coloured pencil in Moleskine

Window Reflection
Window reflection
Pen and ink in Moleskine, 24x21cm

And, hm... I'm sure that that is me. But in this case, my mother is doubtful. 'Oh, that's nice, you sketched K. when you met her in Hanover?' No, I didn't. I'm sure she would have minded all my staring with intent.

ad 1 - coloured pencils work well over pastel.
ad 2 - poster paint does provide a good base in moley.
ad 3 - self portraits are fun, and you can stare as much as you want to.
ad 4 - that new hairspray is fantastic for fixing the pastel mess.


Making A Mark said...

so you were using poster paint in a moleskine and it didn't protest?
....and then you used pastel on top and that was good?
....and then you used coloured pencil on top of pastel and that worked too?


Gesa said...

hehehe... yes... and the moley is happier than ever :)
it was vivien and casey who encouraged a more ruthless attitude towards the moley, and i'm glad they did.

The poster paint - or acrylics or others slightly roughens the surface, that means the pastels stick better, and my coloured pencils - Polychromos xmas present, which are fab, thanks for the tip, Katherine! - work well to push/refine the pastel colour further without lifting too much.

Vivien used CP on top of oil in moley, so i figured CP on top of pastel is even more obvious.