Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Presents #2 to #8

Present #2 is for myself, too.

I'd stumbled across some very nice jewellery while browsing Etsy ... oops.... sorry... not for telling yet. Well, and I found some more nice earrings, and thought that rather than merely replacing mine when I lost one, I could indeed spend some of my art sale money on expensive earrings. And so I did.

Take a look at these:

So, yes, I did sell a few more of the small see studies, decided to convert a few others into some presents, which means there are not all that many left now. Last night I was cutting some more mounts for the ones that are going; it always does astound me how a white mount changes whatever small piece of art is at its centre.

And, also yes, I do need to find a better way of taking photos. Jewellery against some beach finds does pretty well; just a pity that I don't make jewellery. I still need to find something better than the above.

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