Sunday, 14 December 2008

Recipe #3 this year

I was hoping for some baking activities this weekend but I think this will be as good as my pre-holiday domesticity will get.

It's simply: Cranberries.

500 g cranberries
500 g jam sugar
some orange juice
some whisky*

Do the usual jam making stuff with it, adding the whisky right at the end. And fill into sterilised jars. Label and give away as presents.

It goes - like cranberry sauce - with game; but also makes a dessert when mixed with some quark/milk/cream. My unbeaten favourite use for it is alongside scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes. I was rather put out earlier this year when I discovered there weren't any jars left. Glad I sorted that problem for the time being.

* Of course, there's room for experimentation: one recipe I have calls for mixed peel (about 50g or so) instead of the orange juice, but I'm not convinced by that; you can also just use less sugar - half the amount of sugar makes it wonderfully tart; etc etc.

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