Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Present #1

... well not really a present. But something good nonetheless.


My rejects from the RGI exhibition were parked in some of the postgraduates offices in the department. And when talking about the paintings, we arranged for them to come and look at sketches and the small bits and pieces that are kicking about my flat. It got labelled as Wine and more (mulled) wine at Gesa's, but it effectively was a private viewing.

I surprised myself with how many paintings I can display in my tiny flat - which already is severely lacking in available wall space. When I was preparing, I caught myself thinking just how presumptious the whole thing was, and almost hid the paintings away again (well, it was about wine in the first place, wasn't it?). I think one of the last jobs I would ever contemplate doing is marketing. It's not that I cannot enthuse people about stuff, but to do that in order to SELL stuff? I dunno.

I still laugh at a job interview I had in Glasgow years ago about a job as a fundraiser for a charity. Who knows what made them invite me... possibly some equal opps stuff on foreigners or so, but I completely made myself trip up, fall face flat down in the show... hahaha... that will never work as alternative career.

Now... my visitors last night were enthused alright in any case. So much so that they ignored all the small pieces and went for the proper(ish) stuff. No questions asked. I sold more than £300 worth of original prints, small paintings and an old oil painting between the four of them. How very cool. And I promised them to take them round my friend's place were the Coloured Sand paintings are temporarily deposited.

That's me done: I far exceeded my (unambitious) pre-Christmas sales target. Got a few new fans. And some money to go towards my next holiday. Cool.

My present #2 is on its way also: a present from work in the shape of a new laptop. Not any old laptop but one without a right click. Cannae wait!


PS: the photos are mangled uploads to flickr... I've been searching for Watermarks. I think these qualify and I rather like the recomposition of them


Jeanette Jobson said...

Neat photos Gesa. I love how frost forms crystals like this. Its worth the cold fingers to go photograph it. And frost is water rearranged, so it works for Watermarks.

Congrats on the sales and the imminent new laptop. Heaven...

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the photos Gesa. Very cool and I wonder what weather it is that creates those beautiful threasds of snow.
Congrats on your sales. You are so creative. Home sales may be just the thing!

These would be perfect for WM!

Gesa said...

That was last year's christmas weather at my parents. i'm hopeful (as ever) for a repeat performance of that. Yes... painting parties here we come :)