Sunday, 14 December 2008

Post sharing

I've been playing about with my sidebar for some time now. It's part of some attempts to organise the blog less chronologically but more circular, linking back and forward. Part of that has to do with what I want this blog to be about/for. And, that often in practice means how do I want to use my blog. Well... if
"This journal provides a prompt and forum for reflections, ideas and experiments on paint and pastels and more."
- as taken from my intro, then let's make that prompt and forum more easily reflexive, if that makes sense.

There'll be something more extensive on this as part of a 'what I learned in the last year' kind of rambling, but for the meantime, I had been looking at

  • a way to assemble my music videos so that I (and others???) can play them again.
  • a library section
  • something on my favourite posts
  • a link to other posts elsewhere that I like

It has also, in practice, served as my blog reader. In particular the updated list of other blogs is a better way than me checking manually. Early on I had tried a couple of blogreaders, ended up with the live bookmarks in firefox eventually but found them tedious as they linked just to individual posts rather than the blog. When my google reader count was going awry throughout the week, I had a closer look at it, subscribed to myself and others and discovered the sharing function.

So, now I google feed read for the time being and have some things to share:

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