Monday, 20 April 2009

Fields - Chilean ones this time

I've been spending ages with uploading photos to flickr, and I think my ISP has had enough of it, it seems to go far too slow for my liking.

On the way back to Santiago, on Thursday, we spend pretty much the full day on the top floor of yet another long-distance bus. After hour 8 on the bus, it got all a bit too boring, the air conditioning was terribly bad and the films weren't good - no guns, no kung fu and no car chases [on our early busy journeys we were amazed to find out in just how many B movies with car chases and guns Jason Statham had starred since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels], instead US romcoms in Spanish and with Spanish subtitles...

But!!!: we were driving through fields, fields and more fields. It started with foggy meadows in autumn and finally led to the high summer, parched corn fields I had sketched on the way to Temuco before. I took plenty of photos and some sketches. I am toying with an addition to the North German fields by some from Region Araucania and Maule. I think it's a fabulous plan and it will give me a start for when painting starts again on Saturday.

Here are some of the sketches and photos.

Campos / Freire
Colour samples, Fields between Villarica and Freire,
Pastel in sketchbook

Fields near Victoria
Fields near Victoria,
Graphite in sketchbook

Fields near Victoria
Fields near Victoria 2,
Graphite in sketchbook

Amidst the field excitement and the coach boredom, R. and I devised a little empirical research project: What do lorries transport along the Ruta 5? Easy question, easy methods: photo snapshots of every lorry we overtook for 1hrs or so; the methodology was flawed somewhat by (a) inattention at points when bad romcom was getting interesting; and (b) inability to press the button in time to capture load instead of empty road. Our findings:

+ one lorry with red grapes... v important and it shouldn't be left out.

Otherwise... multiply these 30 seconds x2 x60 x12:


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting sketches and posts about Chile.
Question What is it like to live in a long thin country like Chile? How does this affect your view of the world?

Anonymous said...

Re taking a long time to upload.
if you have photos that you want up;oad to Flicker and want write your blog take a look at
This lets you blog and upload from one site, also will save you having to wait ages whilst uploading.

Gesa said...

Chris - hm, yes - that was one of the first points the travel book had made too: the funny shape of the country. Have seen too little/talked to little to people to be able to say what distance and large variety of landscape/agricultural produce/migration patterns etc do or don't do for nationbuilding.

Thanks for the point on upload. I can blog from Flickr too - though I don't do that because the interface is a bit too inflexible, can't deal with more than one image etc...