Tuesday, 3 July 2007

In the post...

... today were already my two new sketchbooks. That's probably been the fastest ebay delivery I have had EVER. So, two pretty new books. After dinner I started to add some backgrounds and marks - rather simply at the moment just a few watercolour washes and some acrylic paint scattered throughout the books, to use as background for sketches:

Some lime green acrylics wash above, below some watercolour doodling

One of the books will be on textures and detailed patterning - to take forward some of my pieces on wallmarkings.

The other one will be on colour studies. On the basis of that first painting for which I used lemon yellow as base colour, it is going to be lemon yellow (or: Hansa Yellow), based on PY3 pigment (Monoazo Yellow, Arylide Yellow) that I will start to research and experiment with for this month.

Here's page no 1 in the sketchbook:

Looking at this sad attempt at a lemon, I remember that one of the summer courses here offers a one-day masterclass on painting lemons... probably I should consider signing up for the whole year ;)

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Gesa said...

Actually - a couple of months later I've changed my mind about the customising. For most of the times, when I come across a modified page in the sketchbook and I feel it is much more of a distraction, diversion and hindrance. I don't think I'll be doing this again :)